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Crotalus is a light-weight HTTP server.

Crotalus runs CGI programs as separate processes, performs automatic directory generation, and automatic file gunzipping.

The Crotalus web server has the primary ambitions of improved speed, security, robustness.


This is crotalus, a high performance web server for "unix compiler" computers. This project strives to combine the benefits of simple stream-lined web server while including common HTTP standards such as SSL and inline PHP interpretting.

Install Instructions

git clone
cd crotalus
mkdir build; cd build
make install

Run "configure --help" in order to see additional options relating to limiting external dependencies.

The file "/etc/crotalus/crotalus.conf" will automatically be generated which contains descriptions of all the options available to be set.

Upcoming Features

None of the following items have been implemented;

  • SSL (https) support.
  • OpenAuth API support.
  • win32/gnulib compatibility support
  • 'make install' support for ubuntu

Background History

Crotalus is a genus of venomous pit vipers [found only in the Americas] derived from the Greek word krotalon, which means "rattle" or "castanet", and refers to the rattle on the end of the tail.

This package is based off of Boa, a high performance web server for Unix-alike computers, covered by the Gnu General Public License. Derived from boa version 0.94, released January 2000.

Boa was created in 1991 by Paul Phillips It is now being maintained and enhanced by Larry Doolittle and Jon Nelson

For more information (including installation instructions) examine the file docs/boa.txt or docs/boa.dvi, point your web browser to docs/boa.html, or visit the Boa homepage at