Forwards YouTube feeds to glass with the option to view the video
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You will need to install this application using adb. Before you do that, though,
I recommend you edit and push the .youtubeconfig file to the /sdcard directory on your
device. Open the file in a standard text editor and follow the directions to set up which
youtube feed your Glass will follow and how often it will check for updates. You can
push the config file to your device with the following command:

adb push .youtubefeedconfig sdcard/

Also, to get the most of the app, you will need to sideload in the default Android
YouTube app. Until you do this, videos will appear in your timeline but you will be 
unable to watch them. You can get this package by scraping it from your android phone
or you can download it here:

You can fetch the binary for this app here:

Please note that once you have installed the application, you will need to get around
plan B by running the main activity:

adb shell am start -n

After this, it will handle itself! YoutubeFeed is entirely managed via the timeline.