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If you want to hire me

I'm not planning to leave Wire at the moment, but you can write me anyway so that if I do end up looking for another job, I would know that you exist.

Here's my resume.


I've written some libraries, see

I also started the /r/haskelltil subreddit (for Haskell tips and tricks and code samples and oddities and curiosities and idioms and interesting facts and everything that is short enough that you'd be ashamed to submit it to /r/haskell or write about it in a blog). It didn't catch on but some content there is still useful.

Right now I'm busy working on Aelve Guide, a wiki-like guide to Haskell ecosystem and community.

lens over tea

A series of articles (called “lens over tea”) about lens and its implementation.

  • part 1 – lenses 101, traversals 101, a bit of implementation details (also lens operators, functor composition, Const, Identity, difference lists, monoids of endomorphisms under composition, default signatures for class methods, equality constraints, and irrefutable patterns).

  • part 2 – composition, laws, getters/actions/setters (also history of lenses, categories, the way to write lenses which would compose “normally”, some links to Reader/Writer/State learning materials, Void).

  • part 3 – folds (also Foldable, Apply, a nice trick for combining folds, and Fold1).

  • part 4 – isomorphisms, some profunctors, lens families (also Forget, Tagged, Proxy, a bit about pure profunctor lenses, existential types, algebra of types, and a cat video).

  • part 5 – prisms (also a recap of isomorphisms with diagrams, a bit about affine traversals, Pointed, and coerce).

  • part 6 – Template Haskell, aka “write your own makeLenses

It's a work in progress; the future parts will mention:

  • indexed things
  • Bazaar/Magma/Molten/Mafic, traversal stuff like partsOf, taking
  • fusing and confusing
  • benchmarks (view _1 vs fst? how much does fusing help? etc)
  • vertical composition, link
  • ala, AlongsideLeft
  • upon, link
  • pure profunctor lenses and traversals, link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, symmetric lenses ((g a -> f b) -> g s -> f t), link
  • Control.Lens.Plated, Control.Lens.Level, Control.Lens.Zoom

Other stuff

Stuff that is sort of related to psychology

Stuff that is sort of related to linguistics


Several years ago I've been learning Racket and making notes (which then became somewhat popular):

I'm not learning Racket anymore, but I might start again in the future.