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Welcome to the Neonious code repository!

(1) Neonious core projects

Neonious-Token-v1 (

The ERC20 smart contract which implements the Neonious Token.

Neonious molecular dynamics mining software

The Neonious molecular dynamics mining software is currently being polished and tested together with the Neonious Token on a private Ethereum network. You can see the test setup in action at

The code will be published when they are fully featured and extensivly tested and thus ready for the public.

However, next to the smart contract above, other projects exist which were written by the Neonious team, with the exception of some additions by contributors. They provide a good starting point to evaluate the technical competence of the Neonious team:

(2) Supporting projects

ETH+ERC20+EIP3009+TransferTools (

Node.JS API for transfer of ETH + ERC20, delegated (gasless) transfer via EIP-3009 as supported by USDC, and misc functions. Also includes full unit test for transfer functions.

CentralNodeWallet (

Fully tested Node.JS library which implements a Ethereum wallet which supports multiple addresses, ETH and ERC20 tokens and which takes all required gas from one central Ethereum account.

(3) low.js (with over 1,000 stargazers on GitHub!)

Before pivoting to becoming a biotechnology company, Neonious developed low.js: a free to use and open sourced port of the JavaScript runtime Node.js with far lower system requirements, allowing it to run on cheap, power-efficient microcontroller boards based on the ESP32-WROVER module. It also runs on Linux based systems as a smaller, faster booting alternative to Node.JS.

Node.JS is the runtime which is used to build server and standalone applications with JavaScript and is extensivly used in the industry.

You can find the project at:

low.js Examples:


This is the page you reach by clicking on the GitHub/Inspect Source Code link on



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