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The Neon Javascript Library

The Neon Javascript Library aims to be an extremely compact, high
performance cross-browser Javascript framework.

Fitting in less than 3kB minified and gzipped, the core library includes
all the basics you would expect from a sophisticated Javascript framework:

- CSS-based selection engine
- Cross-browser event handling
- AJAX and JSON decoding
- Animation with easing and custom functions
- DOM manipulation
- Style manipulation
- Calculation of element size and position
- Attribute and class manipulation
- Asynchronous loading of other Javascript
- Familiar method chaining syntax

Neon makes coding easier with innovations like a simple JSON-based
notation for generating new DOM elements, and an ability to set stylesheet
rules which apply to present and future matching elements.

Neon does not try to redefine Javascript or change your coding style, but
includes only the functionality you most need to take the headache out of
dealing with web browsers.  Utilising good coding practices, Neon has its
own unit testing suite and is checked with JSLint.

If you need it to, Neon plays well with other Javascript frameworks, and
can even be used to load them asynchronously.

Installation and use

The file neon.js contains the core library.  This file should be included
within a <script> element in the <head> section of your page.

This file is available in a minified and a source version.  The minified
version is intended for production use and will save bandwidth and speed
up page loads, particularly when your server is configured to use gzip


See for documentation and examples of use.

The Neon archive also contains a demos/ directory which contains some small
examples you can run in your browser.


The Neon Javascript Library
Copyright (c) 2011, Thomas Rutter
All rights reserved.

The Neon Javascript Library is available for use under the Modified BSD
License included in this distribution or available at:

The Modified BSD License is an open source free software license compatible
with the GNU General Public License.  Neon may be redistributed in your own
software, commercial or open, providing that its few license terms are met.