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#!/usr/bin/env python
import pygtk
import gtk
import webkit
import urllib
import urlparse
import sys
FB_TOKEN_FILE = 'access_token.txt'
class Browser(object):
""" Creates a web browser using GTK+ and WebKit to authorize a
desktop application in Facebook. It uses OAuth 2.0.
Requires the Facebook's Application ID. The token is then
saved to FB_TOKEN_FILE.
def __init__(self, app_key, scope='offline_access', token_file=FB_TOKEN_FILE):
""" Constructor. Creates the GTK+ app and adds the WebKit widget
@param app_key Application key ID (Public).
@param scope A string list of permissions to ask for. More at
self.debug = False
self.close_window = True
self.token_file = token_file
self.token = ''
self.token_expire = ''
self.scope = scope
# Creates the GTK+ app
self.window = gtk.Window(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
self.scrolled_window = gtk.ScrolledWindow()
# Creates a WebKit view
self.web_view = webkit.WebView()
# Connects events
self.window.connect('destroy', self._destroy_event_cb) # Close window
self.web_view.connect('load-committed', self._load_committed_cb) # Load page
self.window.set_default_size(1024, 800)
# Loads the Facebook OAuth page
'' % (urllib.quote(app_key), urllib.quote(''), urllib.quote(self.scope))
def _load_committed_cb(self, web_view, frame):
""" Callback. The page is about to be loaded. This event is captured
to intercept the OAuth 2.0 redirection, which includes the
access token.
@param web_view A reference to the current WebKitWebView.
@param frame A reference to the main WebKitWebFrame.
# Gets the current URL to check whether is the one of the redirection
uri = frame.get_uri()
parse = urlparse.urlparse(uri)
if (hasattr(parse, 'netloc') and hasattr(parse, 'path') and
hasattr(parse, 'fragment') and parse.netloc == '' and
parse.path == '/connect/login_success.html' and parse.fragment):
# Get token from URL
params = urlparse.parse_qs(parse.fragment)
self.token = params['access_token'][0]
self.token_expire = params['expires_in'][0] # Should be equal to 0, don't expire
# Save token to file
token_file = open(self.token_file, 'w')
if self.debug:
sys.stderr.write("Authentication done. Access token available at %s\n" % (self.token_file))
gtk.main_quit() # Finish
if self.close_window:
except RuntimeError:
def _destroy_event_cb(self, widget):
""" Callback for close window. Closes the application. """
return gtk.main_quit()
def authorize(self):
""" Runs the app. """
if (__name__ == '__main__'):
# Creates the browser
browser = Browser(app_key='XXXXXXXXXXX', scope='offline_access,read_stream', token_file=FB_TOKEN_FILE)
# Launch browser window
# Token available?
print "Token: %s" % (browser.token)