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MATLAB code of the SC GM-WM segmentation algorithm on AMIRA images, used for the AJNR publication 2019
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SC GM-WM segmentation with continuous cuts on AMIRA images

MATLAB code of a spinal cord (SC) gray matter-white matter (GM-WM) segmentation algorithm that uses anisotropic continuous cuts in combination with CSF-WM and GM appearance models on images of a special MR sequence called averaged magnetization inversion recovery acquisitions (AMIRA). If you use this algorithm, please consider citing:

C. Tsagkas, A. Horvath, A. Altermatt, S. Pezold, M. Weigel, T. Haas, M. Amann, L. Kappos, T. Sprenger, O. Bieri, P. Cattin, K. Parmar. Automatic Spinal Cord Gray Matter Quantification: A Novel Approach. American Journal of Neuroradiology (AJNR). 2019 (in press).

How to use

  • Install MATLAB (at least 2017a),
  • required MATLAB toolboxes are Image Processing Toolbox, Parallel Computing Toolbox, and Curve Fitting Toolbox,
  • download the content, and
  • execute test.m .
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