THIS IS OLD AND ABANDONED - a basic template to show how to load dojo with requirejs
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before you read through all of this, you should know that there is a more complete dojo application boilerplate which is being actively maintained

#dojo requirejs template app this code is a template to demonstrate how to use requirejs to load dojo. i do not intend to keep updating this repository - it is just a demo to show how to load dojo with requirejs.

leave comments in the commits if you have any questions and i'll try to answer them inline as well as update this readme so that others can find answers here easily.

##getting started git clone --recursive git:// # at this point you can view dojo-requirejs-template/src/index.html cd dojo-requirejs-template/src requirejs/build/ # when this completes you can view dojo-requirejs-template/build/index.html

##known issues

  • no known issues


  • don't actually layout your folders the same way as this template. i only did it this way so that i could use git submodules. instead of including the whole requirejs project, i would only include require.js and the require folder (if you need any plugins) as siblings of dojo and dijit.

##how to to get dojo and dijit to work with requirejs, simply configure requirejs with the information it needs to find the dojo and dijit packages // point to the dojo and dijit packages packages: [ { name: 'dojo', location: 'dojo', main:'lib/main-browser', lib: '.' }, { name: 'dijit', location: 'dijit', main:'lib/main', lib: '.' } ], you'll need to configure the build profile similarly. ...and that's it.