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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
# distributed with this work for additional information
# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the
# specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
## You can set these environment variables:
## XC_APP (path to your
## PM_APP (path to your PackageMaker app)
## DEVELOPER (path to your Developer folder)
## - don't need to set this if you use 'xcode-select'
## - in Xcode 4.3, this is within your app bundle:
SHELL = /bin/bash
CHMOD = chmod
CP = cp
MV = mv
NOOP = $(SHELL) -c true
RM_F = rm -f
RM_IR = rm -iR
RM_RF = rm -rf
TEST_F = test -f
TOUCH = touch
UMASK_NULL = umask 0
DEV_NULL = > /dev/null 2>&1
MKPATH = mkdir -p
CAT = cat
MAKE = make
OPEN = open
ECHO = echo
ECHO_N = echo -n
JAVA = java
CONVERTPDF = /System/Library/Printers/Libraries/convert
COMBINEPDF = /System/Library/Automator/Combine\ PDF\ Pages.action/Contents/Resources/
IPHONE_DOCSET_TMPDIR = docs/iphone/tmp
DEVELOPER ?= '$(shell xcode-select -print-path)'
PM_APP ?= '$(shell mdfind "kMDItemFSName=='' && kMDItemKind=='Application'" | head -1)'
XC_APP ?= '$(shell mdfind "kMDItemFSName=='' && kMDItemKind=='Application'" | head -1)'
PACKAGEMAKER = '$(PM_APP)/Contents/MacOS/PackageMaker'
XC = $(DEVELOPER)/usr/bin/xcodebuild
CDV_VER = $(shell head -1 CordovaLib/VERSION)
GIT = $(shell which git)
COMMIT_HASH=$(shell git describe --tags)
CERTIFICATE = 'Cordova Support'
WKHTMLTOPDF = wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf --encoding utf-8 --page-size Letter --footer-font-name "Helvetica" --footer-font-size 10 --footer-spacing 10 --footer-right "[page]/[topage]" -B 1in -L 0.5in -R 0.5in -T 0.5in
all :: installer
cordova-lib: clean-cordova-lib
@echo -n "Packaging Cordova Javascript..."
@$(CP) -f CordovaLib/VERSION $(BUILD_BAK)
@$(MAKE) -C CordovaLib > /dev/null
@if [ -e "$(GIT)" ]; then \
echo -e '\n$(COMMIT_HASH)' >> CordovaLib/VERSION; \
@echo -e "\t\033[32mok.\033[m"
xcode3-template: clean-xcode3-template
@$(CP) -Rf Cordova-based\ Application/www $(BUILD_BAK)
@cd Cordova-based\ Application/www; find . | xargs grep 'src[ ]*=[ ]*[\\'\"]cordova-*.*.js[\\'\"]' -sl | xargs -L1 sed -i "" "s/src[ ]*=[ ]*[\\'\"]cordova-*.*.js[\\'\"]/src=\"cordova-${CDV_VER}.js\"/g"
@cd ..
@cp CordovaLib/javascript/cordova-*.js Cordova-based\ Application/www
xcode4-template: clean-xcode4-template
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/TemplateIcon.icns Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) -R Cordova-based\ Application/Classes Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) -R Cordova-based\ Application/Plugins Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) -R Cordova-based\ Application/Resources Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAMEASIDENTIFIER___-Info.plist Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate/___PACKAGENAME___-Info.plist
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAMEASIDENTIFIER___-Prefix.pch Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate/___PACKAGENAME___-Prefix.pch
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/main.m Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/Cordova.plist Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application/ Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@sed -i "" 's/com\.yourcompany\.___PROJECTNAMEASIDENTIFIER___/___VARIABLE_bundleIdentifierPrefix:bundleIdentifier___\.___PROJECTNAMEASIDENTIFIER___/g' Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate/___PACKAGENAME___-Info.plist
clean-xcode4-template: clean-xcode3-template
@$(RM_RF) _tmp
@$(MKPATH) _tmp
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate/TemplateInfo.plist _tmp
@$(CP) Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate/README _tmp
@$(CP) -Rf Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate ~/.Trash
@$(RM_RF) Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@$(MV) _tmp Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@if [ -d "$(BUILD_BAK)/www" ]; then \
$(CP) -Rf "Cordova-based Application/www" ~/.Trash; \
$(RM_RF) "Cordova-based Application/www"; \
$(MV) $(BUILD_BAK)/www/ "Cordova-based Application/www"; \
@$(RM_RF) Cordova-based\ Application/build/
@$(RM_RF) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/xcuserdata
@$(RM_RF) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace
@$(RM_F) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/*.mode1v3
@$(RM_F) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/*.perspectivev3
@$(RM_F) Cordova-based\ Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/*.pbxuser
@$(RM_F) Cordova-based\ Application/www/cordova-*.js
@$(RM_RF) Cordova.framework
@$(RM_RF) CordovaInstaller/docs/readme.html
@$(RM_RF) CordovaInstaller/docs/cleaver.html
@$(RM_RF) CordovaInstaller/docs/upgrade.html
@$(RM_F) CordovaInstaller/docs/*.rtf
@$(RM_F) CordovaInstaller/docs/*.pdf
@$(RM_F) CordovaInstaller/docs/*.html
@if [ -e "$(BUILD_BAK)/VERSION" ]; then \
$(CP) -Rf "CordovaLib/VERSION" ~/.Trash; \
$(RM_RF) "CordovaLib/VERSION"; \
@$(RM_RF) CordovaLib/build/
@$(RM_F) CordovaLib/CordovaLib.xcodeproj/*.mode1v3
@$(RM_F) CordovaLib/CordovaLib.xcodeproj/*.perspectivev3
@$(RM_F) CordovaLib/CordovaLib.xcodeproj/*.pbxuser
@$(RM_F) CordovaLib/javascript/cordova-*.js
cordova-framework: cordova-lib clean-cordova-framework
@echo -n "Building Cordova.framework..."
@cd CordovaLib;$(XC) -target UniversalFramework > /dev/null;
@cd ..
@echo -e "\t\033[32mok.\033[m"
@$(CP) -R CordovaLib/build/Release-universal/Cordova.framework .
@$(CP) -R Cordova-based\ Application/www/index.html Cordova.framework/www
@find "Cordova.framework/www" | xargs grep 'src[ ]*=[ ]*[\\'\"]cordova-*.*.js[\\'\"]' -sl | xargs -L1 sed -i "" "s/src[ ]*=[ ]*[\\'\"]cordova-*.*.js[\\'\"]/src=\"cordova-${CDV_VER}.js\"/g"
@if [ -e "$(GIT)" ]; then \
echo -e '\n$(COMMIT_HASH)' >> Cordova.framework/VERSION; \
@$(CP) -R Cordova-based\ Application/Resources/Capture.bundle/ Cordova.framework/Capture.bundle
clean: clean-installer clean-cordova-lib clean-xcode3-template clean-xcode4-template clean-cordova-framework clean-markdown
@if [ -e "$(PKG_ERROR_LOG)" ]; then \
$(MV) $(PKG_ERROR_LOG) ~/.Trash; \
@if [ "$$OSTYPE" != "darwin11" ]; then echo "Error: You need to package the installer on a Mac OS X 10.7 Lion system."; exit 1; fi
@if [[ ! -e $(XC_APP) ]]; then \
echo -e '\033[31mError: at "$(XC_APP)" was not found. Please download from the Mac App Store.\033[m'; exit 1; \
@if [[ ! -d $(DEVELOPER) ]]; then \
echo -e '\033[31mError: The Xcode folder at "$(DEVELOPER)" was not found. Please set it to the proper one using xcode-select. For Xcode >= 4.3.1, set it using "sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/".\033[m'; exit 1; \
@if [[ ! -e $(PM_APP) ]]; then \
echo -e '\033[31mError: was not found. You need to download the Xcode Auxiliary Tools:\033[m'; exit 1; \
@echo -e " \t\t\033[33m$(XC_APP)\033[m";
@echo -e "Using Developer folder: \033[33m$(DEVELOPER)\033[m";
@echo -e "Using PackageMaker app: \033[33m$(PM_APP)\033[m";
installer: check-utils clean markdown wkhtmltopdf cordova-lib xcode3-template xcode4-template cordova-framework
@# remove the dist folder
@if [ -d "dist" ]; then \
$(CP) -Rf dist ~/.Trash; \
$(RM_RF) dist; \
@# backup markdown files for version replace
@$(MV) -f CordovaInstaller/docs/ CordovaInstaller/docs/
@$(MV) -f CordovaInstaller/docs/ CordovaInstaller/docs/
@$(CAT) CordovaInstaller/docs/ | sed 's/{VERSION}/${CDV_VER}/' > CordovaInstaller/docs/
@$(CAT) CordovaInstaller/docs/ | sed 's/{VERSION}/${CDV_VER}/' > CordovaInstaller/docs/
@# generate releasenotes html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/releasenotes.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ CordovaInstaller/docs/ >> CordovaInstaller/docs/releasenotes.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/releasenotes.html
@# generate finishup html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/finishup.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ CordovaInstaller/docs/ >> CordovaInstaller/docs/finishup.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/finishup.html
@# convert all the html files to rtf (for PackageMaker)
@textutil -convert rtf -font 'Helvetica' CordovaInstaller/docs/*.html
@# build the .pkg file
@echo -n "Building Cordova-${CDV_VER}.pkg..."
@$(MKPATH) dist/files/Guides
@'$(PACKAGEMAKER)' -d CordovaInstaller/CordovaInstaller.pmdoc -o dist/files/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.pkg > /dev/null 2> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@# create the applescript uninstaller
@osacompile -o ./dist/files/Uninstall\ Uninstall\ Cordova.applescript > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@# convert the html docs to pdf, concatenate readme and license
@$(WKHTMLTOPDF) --footer-center "Cordova ${CDV_VER} Release Notes" CordovaInstaller/docs/releasenotes.html dist/files/ReleaseNotes.pdf > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(WKHTMLTOPDF) --footer-center "How to use Cordova ${CDV_VER} as a Component" CordovaInstaller/docs/cleaver.html 'dist/files/Guides/How to Use Cordova as a Component.pdf' > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(WKHTMLTOPDF) --footer-center "Cordova ${CDV_VER} Upgrade Guide" CordovaInstaller/docs/upgrade.html 'dist/files/Guides/Cordova Upgrade Guide.pdf' > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(WKHTMLTOPDF) --footer-center "Cordova ${CDV_VER} Plugin Upgrade Guide" CordovaInstaller/docs/plugin_upgrade.html 'dist/files/Guides/Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide.pdf' > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@textutil -convert html -font 'Courier New' LICENSE -output CordovaInstaller/docs/LICENSE.html > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@textutil -cat html CordovaInstaller/docs/finishup.html CordovaInstaller/docs/readme.html CordovaInstaller/docs/LICENSE.html -output dist/files/Readme.html > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(WKHTMLTOPDF) --footer-center "Cordova ${CDV_VER} Readme" dist/files/Readme.html dist/files/Readme.pdf > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(RM_F) dist/files/Readme.html
@# restore backed-up markdown files
@$(MV) -f CordovaInstaller/docs/ CordovaInstaller/docs/
@$(MV) -f CordovaInstaller/docs/ CordovaInstaller/docs/
@# sign the .pkg : must be run under one line to get return code
@-security find-certificate -c $(CERTIFICATE) > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG); \
if [ $$? -eq 0 ] ; then \
'$(PACKAGEMAKER)' --certificate $(CERTIFICATE) --sign dist/files/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.pkg; \
@# create the .dmg
@hdiutil create ./dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}_temp.dmg -srcfolder ./dist/files/ -ov -volname Cordova-${CDV_VER} -format UDRW > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@# set the volume icon
@hdiutil attach -readwrite -noverify -noautoopen ./dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}_temp.dmg > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@cp "Cordova-based Application/___PROJECTNAME___.xcodeproj/TemplateIcon.icns" /Volumes/Cordova-${CDV_VER}/.VolumeIcon.icns
@SetFile -c icnC /Volumes/Cordova-${CDV_VER}/.VolumeIcon.icns > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@SetFile -a C /Volumes/Cordova-${CDV_VER}/ > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@hdiutil detach /Volumes/Cordova-${CDV_VER}/ > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@# compress dmg
@hdiutil convert ./dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}_temp.dmg -format UDZO -imagekey zlib-level=9 -o ./dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.dmg > /dev/null 2>> $(PKG_ERROR_LOG)
@$(RM_F) ./dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}_temp.dmg
@# generate sha1
@openssl sha1 dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.dmg > dist/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.dmg.SHA1;
@# done
@echo -e "\t\033[32mok.\033[m"
@echo -e "Build products are in: \033[33m$(PWD)/dist\033[m";
@make clean
install: installer
@open dist/files/Cordova-${CDV_VER}.pkg
@$(RM_RF) ~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Project\ Templates/Cordova
@$(RM_RF) ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/Project\ Templates/Application/Cordova-based\ Application.xctemplate
@read -p "Delete all files in ~/Documents/CordovaLib/?: " ; \
if [ "$$REPLY" == "y" ]; then \
$(RM_RF) ~/Documents/CordovaLib/ ; \
else \
echo "" ; \
@read -p "Delete the Cordova framework /Users/Shared/Cordova/Frameworks/Cordova.framework?: " ; \
if [ "$$REPLY" == "y" ]; then \
$(RM_RF) /Users/Shared/Cordova/Frameworks/Cordova.framework/ ; $(RM_RF) ~/Library/Frameworks/Cordova.framework ; \
else \
echo "" ; \
@# download wkhtmltopdf if necessary
@if [[ ! -d "wkhtmltopdf" ]]; then \
echo "Downloading wkhtmltopdf..."; \
curl -L > wkhtmltopdf_temp; \
$(MKPATH) wkhtmltopdf; \
mv wkhtmltopdf_temp wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf; \
chmod 755 wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf; \
@# download markdown if necessary
@if [[ ! -d "Markdown_1.0.1" ]]; then \
echo "Downloading Markdown 1.0.1..."; \
curl -L >; \
unzip -d . > /dev/null; \
@# generate readme html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size:10pt;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/readme.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ >> CordovaInstaller/docs/readme.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/readme.html
@# generate 'How to Use Cordova as a Component' html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue; font-size:10pt;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/cleaver.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ 'guides/How to Use Cordova as a' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/cleaver.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/cleaver.html
@# generate 'Cordova Upgrade Guide' html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;font-size:10pt;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/upgrade.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ 'guides/Cordova Upgrade' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/upgrade.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/upgrade.html
@# generate 'Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide' html from markdown
@echo '<html><body style="font-family: Helvetica Neue;font-size:10pt;">' > CordovaInstaller/docs/plugin_upgrade.html
@perl Markdown_1.0.1/ 'guides/Cordova Plugin Upgrade' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/plugin_upgrade.html
@echo '</body></html>' >> CordovaInstaller/docs/plugin_upgrade.html
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