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Evaluate your JavaScript functions live while editing.

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Live Scratchpad


This add-on adds a live function evaluation feature to the Scratchpad.

You can change the arguments passed to the function and see the result of the function in real-time, including temporary assignments performed within the function.

You can click on values to see the properties of the object, or click on a element to inspect it.

It also shows you the code path taken during execution and provides some nice debugging features when manipulating regular expressions or HTML canvas.

Build Instructions

From inside the project directory, run:



zip -r ../LiveScratchpad.xpi * -x ".git/*"


Note that the Live Scratchpad add-on requires Firefox 11 or later. Drag and drop LiveScratchpad.xpi in Firefox, follow instructions to install add-on.


To run the tests, you need to build Mozilla from source. Set environment variable OBJDIR to point to your tree's OBJDIR, then run :

make test


Licensed under the tri-license MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1. See LICENSE.txt for details.

The logo icon.png and derivatives are attributed to the W3C and licensed under CC Attribution 3.0 Unported


For documentation, feedback, contributions :

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