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StyleEditor for Firefox - /!\ NOW INTEGRATED WITHIN FIREFOX 11+

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Style Editor


StyleEditor is designed for tweaking CSS stylesheets on existing web pages and styling a web page from scratch, right from within the browser.

It has many features to make styling a web page faster, efficient, and fun :

  • text-based editor, freely edit and organize your style sheets as you like
  • real-time application of changes

Much more to come...

Build Instructions

From inside the project directory, run:



zip -r ../StyleEditor.xpi * -x ".git/*"


Note that the Style Editor requires Firefox 5 or later. Drag and drop StyleEditor.xpi in Firefox, follow instructions to install add-on.


To run the tests, you need to build Mozilla from source. Set environment variable OBJDIR to point to your tree's OBJDIR, then run :

make test


Example to embed Style Editor in a textbox to edit a new stylesheet :

Components.utils.import("chrome://StyleEditor/content/StyleEditor.jsm"); let editor = new StyleEditor(aContentDocumentYouWantToEdit); editor.inputElement = document.getElementById("id_of_a_xul_textbox"); editor.load();

If you want to edit an existing stylesheet, StyleEditor constructor accepts a second optional argument with the DOMStyleSheet object to edit.


Licensed under the tri-license MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1. See LICENSE.txt for details.

The logo icon.png and derivatives are attributed to the W3C and licensed under CC Attribution 3.0 Unported


For documentation, feedback, contributions :

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