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Plesk Built by Terraform on AWS

Disclaimer:- This script will not be covered fully by the AWS Free Tier (At time of edit) as it uses the NAT Gateway and VPC. I am not liable for any charges to that you incur. I saw this and this blog here also explains it

I also have to thank Mohamed Labouardy over on this blog as his base code helped me along with what we were doing at work

Getting up and running

For this you will need an AWS account and as above you will incur charges, if you want a cheaper option looks at AWS Lightsail. I did try this with Terraform but you can not automate the firewall when I last edited this code

I have done a demo video here

Things I would like to add

  • Get the inital code online
  • Get the inital video online
  • Get the Plesk admin URL emailed or on a hidden page for faster deployments
  • Allow for multiple projects with varibles and state files accordingly