Using Redis::hiredis with more than 1024 opened file descriptors leads to infinite wait on select call #3

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I´m using Redis::hiredis inside a mod_perl module on an Apache with more than 1000 domains.

That leads the program to have more than 1024 opened file descriptors what trigger a bug in net.c where redisContextWaitReady() call select with FD_SETSIZE, that's generally 1024 in most operating systems, making select call never return.

That was corrected less than a month ago in substituting sellect by poll call.

I've done a test updating the entire net.c with lastest from antirez repo and the problem does not happen anymore.

Can you update the module ?



neophenix commented Jun 12, 2012

Thanks, updated net.c in 4f5f68a

neophenix closed this Jun 12, 2012

Was CPAN updated too ?


neophenix commented Jun 28, 2012

It was not, I just uploaded it so it should be updated at some point today.

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