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#hex values of palette names
RGB=0xff0000, 0x00ff00, 0x0000ff
MiamiVice=0x1be3ff, 0xff82dc, 0xffffff
LeBron=0x3e3e3e, 0xd4b600, 0xffffff
ML581AT=0x699655, 0xf26a36, 0xffffff
Neon=0x323228, 0x717155, 0xb4dc00
Rasta=0xdc323c, 0xf0cb58, 0x3c825e
Brazil=0x008c53, 0x2e00e4, 0xdfea00
MIUSA=0x504b46, 0x1a3c53, 0xa00028
Simpson=0xd9c23e, 0xa96a95, 0x7d954b, 0x4b396b
Kitty=0x9f456b, 0x4f7a9a, 0xe6c84c
KittyHC=0xc756a7, 0xe0dd00, 0xc9cdd0
Smurf=0x1d1628, 0x44bdf4, 0xe31e3a, 0xe8b118, 0xffffff
Lantern=0x000000, 0x0d9a0d, 0xffffff
Fame575=0x540c0d, 0xfb7423, 0xf9f48e, 0x4176c4, 0x5aaf2e
CGA=0xd3517d, 0x15a0bf, 0xffc062
B&W=0x000000, 0xffffff
Civil=0x362F2D, 0x4C4C4C, 0x94B73E, 0xB5C0AF, 0xFAFDF2
Dribble=0x3D4C53, 0x70B7BA, 0xF1433F, 0xE7E1D4, 0xFFFFFF
Castle=0x4B345C, 0x946282, 0xE5A19B
Fizz=0x588F27, 0x04BFBF, 0xF7E967
Fire=0x000000, 0x000040, 0xff0000, 0xffff00, 0xffffff, 0xffffff
Lemming=0x000000, 0x0000ff, 0x00ff00, 0xffffff
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