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TODO PixelController
-particle generator (rain,snow,fireworks...) remember: maybe rip from cocos2d particle system, should replace fire and metaballs
-rewrite output selection/configuration,
-more layouts (what kind of layouts?)
-do not freeze application if output fails (disconnect controller)
-artnet output: support multiple output devices / multiple universe
-MatrixData: make internal buffersize configurable (currently deviceSize*8) to reduce cpu load
-Unit Testing is suboptimal, the file is not used
-Integrate OSC Server
-support TPM2 devices
-support Kinect for Xbox 360
Changelog v1.2 to v1.3
-add integrated GUI!
-add Color-Sets, predefined color definition for all generators, effects and mixers
-support more output formats (not only RGB and RBG), thanks to noxx6
-added PixelInvaders SPI firmware, faster than the bit banging version
-configuration fixes
-update AdaVision driver
-add UDP output device
-support rainbowduino v3
-add start scripts for OSX
-add flipX and flipY effects
-Texturedeform is not a generator anymore but an effect
-removed emboss effect, as the result was ugly
-removed Xor and MinusHalf mixer, as the result was ugly
-removed image zoomer generator, as it looks ugly and was a duplicate.
Changelog v1.1 to v1.2
-PixelInvaders Firmware, fixed strip.doSwapBuffersAsap(0)
-Support AdaVision
Changelog v1.0.3 to v1.1
-add notification if random mode is selected or not
-more threads! the output gets calculated on the fly, this means wait until the visuals are generated.
if they would run in seperate thread, that would be faster...
-decoupling visual generation from output update, should increase performance
-New Generators: ColorScroll, ColorFade and ScreenCapture. Removed Simple Colors
-PixelInvaders firmware: update initial image in firmware
-PixelInvaders firmware: add autonomous firmware mode, run simple animation if no computer is connected
-ScreenCapture: make capturing area visible to user
-create osc tabled gui for Control (OSC + MIDI) (
-manual mapping to support fancy led mapping (OnePanelResolutionAwareOutput class). define a configuration property like
output.mapping=1,2,5,6,3,4,7,8 ...
-Log output to a file instead the command line
-artnet output: make first universe id configurable
-possible to start pixelcontroller with a preset
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