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PixelController v2.1.0-RC1

@neophob neophob released this · 2 commits to master since this release

Changelog v2.0.0 to v2.1.0-RC1 (1 April 2014)

632 files changed, 96745 insertions(+), 151436 deletions(-)
  • Add client/server architecture. PixelController can started headless on a server, connect to the server with the client GUI (same look as the standalone version)
  • Add RaspberryPi WS2801 output driver
  • Add custom led matrix mapping tool, see for more details
  • Add Bonjour/Zeroconf support, PixelController register itself as "pixelcontroller.local"
  • Add new ROTATE_ Generator/Effect/Mixer/Colorset OSC command
  • Add Noise generator
  • Add Gamma 3.0 color correction
  • Add TouchOsc layout for phone and tablet
  • Add simple performance test ( -perf or -perf)
  • Add Random Mode with selectable time-life (option (Issue #44)
  • Add more Blinkenlights movie files
  • Add new effect Posterize
  • Add new effect Darken
  • Add PixelInvaders firmware for Arduino UNO, thanks Yves Alter. This should fix all UNO related issues.
  • Add new output rotate option: FLIPPEDY
  • Remove support for stealth panels
  • Fix decouple fps setting of PixelController from the GUI update speed (Issue #61)
  • Fix replace Pixel and Quality image resize code with custom implementations (nearest neighbour and bilinear), major performance improvement
  • Fix add missing float parameter to the OSC server, only int values were parsed
  • Fix the framerate configuration can be a float number (ex. fps=0.1) if you need a really slow update rate
  • Fix refresh GUI settings when random mode kicks in
  • Fix generator speed changes the target fps (0..200%), much smoother (Issue #46, #52 and #59)
  • Fix generator speed and brightness were not stored as part of the preset (Issue #62)
  • Fix capture generator, crashed if recording window was too small
  • Fix Metaball generator resolution for different sizes
  • Fix more code cleanup
  • Fix optimize CPU usage in heavy beat detection mode
  • Fix optimize preset load time, load resource files (image and blinkenlight) only if generator is used in preset
  • Fix reduce rotozoom effect speed
  • Fix visual size in GUI
  • Fix rename preset.led ->, all PixelController extension files have now the same file extension.
  • Fix update build process, put RPi specifiy resources (Serial and pi4j) dependencies into special directory, do not include junit dependencies.
  • Fix speedup Blinkenlight parser, some frames were displayed too long
  • Fix Multliply and Negative Multiply mixer, output didn't respect ColorSets correctly
  • Fix Subsat mixer - was completly broken
  • Fix output layout for all *FLIPPEDY entries - all FLIPPEDY action were broken.


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