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Play Blinkenlights Movie Files (ccc)
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Library to use blinkenlights movies (*.bml) with [ Processing].

check for more information (videos and howtos)

For more information about BML Files check [] - long story short, its origin was the german ccc. they use this fileformat to use large buildings as display devices.

=How to install the Processing Library=

This is a standard Processing library - inside the zip file is a readme file, wich explains how to install the library. For your viewing pleasure, here is a copy of it:

How to install library blinkenlights 

Contributed libraries must be downloaded separately and placed within 
the "libraries" folder of your Processing sketchbook. To find the Processing 
sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the 
Processing application and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top. 

Copy the contributed library's folder into the "libraries" folder at this location. 
You will need to create the "libraries" folder if this is your first contributed library. 

By default the following locations are used for your sketchbook folder.
For mac users the sketchbook folder is located inside ~/Documents/Processing. 
for windows users the sketchbook folder is located inside folder 'My Documents'/Processing

The folder structure for library blinkenlights should be as follows

After library blinkenlights has been successfully installed, restart processing.
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