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The Neos Demo Package

This is the default site package installed with the Neos base distribution. With this package, you can quickly have a look into how easy content can be generated and changed. It also shows the basic concepts of how to build a site package with custom node types and plugins.

About the frontend build stack

We included a frontend build stack based on Node.js, NVM, esbuild, PostCSS and Yarn.


Make sure that Node.js and Yarn are installed. It is recommended to use NVM to manage versions of the Node.js versions.

 # Enable the correct nvm
 nvm use
 # Install the package dependencies


Command Description
yarn build Builds all assets
yarn pipeline Runs install and then build all assets
yarn start Watches the sources and rebuilds assets on change

Package management

The dependencies are stored in the package.json file, so if you edit any config, or need new packages, you have to add them to this file. You can read more about this here.

Explanation of the config files

Filename Explantion
.editorconfig Helps maintain consistent coding styles
.eslintignore These files get ignored from ESLint
.eslintrc The configuration file for ESLint, a pluggable Javascript linter
.nvmrc This file contains the required Node.js version and is used by NVM
.postcssrc.js The configuration for PostCSS
.prettierignore These files gets excluded from the Prettier code formatting
.prettierrc This is the configuration file for Prettier
.stylelintrc This is the configuration file for Stylelint
.yarnclean Cleans and removes unnecessary files from package dependencies
esbuild.mjs Configuration for esbuild
yarn.lock This is the lockfile for Yarn. This is needed to get consistent installs across machines