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@mficzel mficzel released this Apr 9, 2019 · 6 commits to 5.0 since this release

This release applies the current best practices to Neos.Demo as defined in

!!! With this release the versioning of Neos.Demo is decoupled from Neos itself. !!!

The main changes are:

  • NodeType and Fusion follow the namespace rules
  • Neos.NodeTypes not used directly but derived types are based on Neos.NodeTypes.BaseMixins are used
  • All rendering for content, documents and menus is controlled via AFX, most fluid templates were removed

New features:

  • A Landing-page document is introduced
  • An editable 404 document is introduced

Removed features:

  • Layout selection in inspector
  • Image alignment selection
  • Multicolumn layout selection

This release includes three node-migrations that have to be executed to update existing Neos.Demo installations:

#  Alter nodetypes to use Document and Content Prefixes
- ./flow node:migrate 20190204182906 
# Migrate nodetypes with special rendering from Neos.NodeTypes to Neos.Demo namespace
- ./flow node:migrate 20190218182044 
# Migrate content collections to Neos.Demo namespace
- `./flow node:migrate 20190308100514`
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