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Neos development collection

This repository is a collection of packages for the Neos content application platform (learn more on The repository is used for development and all pull requests should go into it.

If you want to install Neos, please have a look at the documentation:


If you want to contribute to Neos and want to set up a development environment, then follow these steps:

composer create-project neos/neos-development-distribution neos-development 8.3.x-dev --keep-vcs

Note the -distribution repository you create a project from, instead of just checking out this repository.

If you need a different branch, you can either use it from the start (replace the 8.3.x-dev by 9.0.x-dev or whatever you need), or switch after checkout (just make sure to run composer update afterwards to get matching dependencies installed.) In a nutshell, to switch the branch you intend to work on, run:

git checkout 9.0 && composer update

The code of the CMS can then be found inside Packages/Neos, which itself is the neos-development-collection Git repository. You commit changes and create pull requests from this repository.

In the root directory of the development distribution, you can do the following things:

To run tests, run ./bin/phpunit -c ./Build/BuildEssentials/PhpUnit/UnitTests.xml for unit tests or ./bin/phpunit -c ./Build/BuildEssentials/PhpUnit/FunctionalTests.xml for functional/integration tests.


We use an upmerging strategy: create all bugfixes to the lowest maintained branch that contains the issue. Typically, this is the second last LTS release - see the diagram at

For new features, pull requests should be made against the branch for the next minor version (named like x.y). Breaking changes must only go into the branch for the next major version.

For more detailed information, see, and