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@Sebobo Sebobo released this Apr 10, 2019 · 17 commits to master since this release

Neos.Seo 3.0

Smarter generation of the title tag

We modified the way how the title tag is generated and improved extensibility.
So generating breadcrumbs, adding a custom suffix or using your favorite separator is now easily possible.

And of course, the homepage is now treated correctly and will output it’s title too.

Improved inspector labels

All labels and placeholders of the fields that Neos.Seo provides can now be localized.
In case of the social meta tags we now also show the fallbacks instead of generic placeholders. And they even update while you type!

This way, the editor doesn’t need to guess anymore what the output will be.

The improved canonical link editor

Sometimes you want to select an internal page as a canonical link, now it’s even easier, as the field supports linking nodes or setting an absolute URL.

Exclude languages in the sitemap and alternate language links

If you have lots of languages in your Neos site and maybe some are only used as content storage, you don’t want these to show up as alternate language links or in the sitemap.
Now you can just exclude them.

New social meta tags

We added support for the following Open Graph tags which will be set automatically:

  • og:site_name
  • og:locale

And the following Facebook-specific tags which are configurable:

  • fb:admins
  • fb:profile_id
  • fb:pages

Less work for editors to produce valid social meta tags

This release introduces a wide range of fallback chains, to allow the output of Open Graph and Twitter Cards without filling each and every field.
So in most cases, filling in title, description and adding a nice image should be enough to get nice snippets on Facebook or Twitter.
Of course, you can still set all the fields as you did in the past, but missing one will not lead to not having tags at all anymore.

If you have banners or something similar on all your pages, you can now easily add your own fallbacks to provide fitting images and save your editor the time to select the same image for the social meta tags.

Btw. we also provide the recommended image presets to make sure the images in these tags match the platform requirements no matter, where the image comes from.

You can read more about those fallbacks in the documentation.

Refactored structured data objects

In Neos 2.1 we introduced structured data object prototypes. On the one hand, they provide some good output that every site can use to improve the visual output in search results, but at the same time make it easier for search engines to understand your site.

But these prototypes should also make it easier for you to implement your own structured data objects for example to render job descriptions, recipes, events or other entities that search engines can understand.

We refactored these objects by using the latest features in Fusion to make it easier and more understandable on how to build your own or modify the existing ones.

We now render most of them by default. In version 2.1 they were still optional.
If you previously rendered your own structured data objects, you should check if they collide and either disable the ones from Neos.Seo or remove your own.

Spring cleaning

We replaced all fluid templates with AFX rendering to make it easier for you to extend or change the default behavior.

We as well got rid of some older deprecated Fusion prototypes and use the latest and greatest features to simplify the code and achieve more with less.

Breaking changes

There are a lot of breaking changes in this release when you upgrade from any previous version. If you did override Neos.Seo Fusion prototypes you should check them out and adapt your code.

Additionally, the XmlSitemap was modified to support Fusion rendering including its implementation class.

Best case: You don’t need your changes anymore or can at least simplify them :-)

Worst case: You need to adapt your code and it would be great if you could tell us what you are missing in the Neos.Seo package.

Changes: 2.1.1...3.0.0

Thanks to all contributors!

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