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This is the Neos FAQ built by the community and development together. Questions regarding Neos in general and specific to V3 can be posted here. If you have a question, feel free to add it and someone with the answer or development will address it and push the update.

Post your question in the form of:

Q. How do I post an answer?
A. This is how

Place 5 hashes before the 'Q.' and 'A.' as such:

##### Q. Question here

##### A. Answer here

Thank you for your efforts and contribution!

Q. Can I mine Neos?
A. No, Neos is Proof-of-Stake, not Proof-of-Work.
Q. Are there any mining pools where I can use my existing miners and get paid out in Neos?
A. Yes, is the only one we're aware of at the moment.
Q. Is there a whitepaper?
A. The whitepaper for Neos V3 will be a work in progress and maintained here on Github along with all other Neos-based resources. Once V3 is live, focus will be more directed towards completing the whitepaper.
Q. What are Neos Activity Points (NAP)?
A. Neos Activity Points are an auxiliary form of currency within the new V3 ecosystem currently in development. In ways, NAP play a more relevant role within Neos than the actual currency (NEOS) as it will fuel and support the execution of many operations. NAP will be used for all purchases over the network including but not limited to:
  • Accounts (both additional, and premium)
  • Sites (both additional, and premium)
  • Post size limits
  • Advertising space
Q. What are Neos Activity Points worth?
A. As of now it will be configured in the protocol that 1 NAP = 0.0001 NEOS. however, just as with any exchange the market will determine the value of NAP.
Q. Will Neos Activity Points be traded on exchanges?
A. As of now, no. Neos Activity Points will only be traded through the network itself in an exchange operating within the protocol currently in planning.
Q. Why Neos Activity Points if there is already NEOS?
A. Neos Activity Points are earned through various activities on the network as well as spent to execute actions such as voting, asset creation, leasing advertising space on your site, leasing a template you've designed and others to be further outlined. In an effort to motivate people using the network to make more conscious decisions before acting and spending their NAP, value is placed on them in terms of NEOS. The potential to convert NAP to NEOS will for example prevent someone from spending all of their earned or traded points on downvoting content, wrongly reporting sites or users for abuse or other activities which would otherwise result in a possible penalty of NAP being deducted from the offending account. In contrast, participants who moderate content which consensus vote shows to be abusive, offensive, or illicit - will earn NAP which can then be traded amongst other users on the network or automatically redeemed for NEOS. A more in-depth technical explanation will become available with the whitepaper's publication.
Q. What are the limitations of the Neos version of the web compared to the web we use now?
A. Limitations initially will be the type/format of site available for the first launch (blog style), no free-range javascript (you can't insert random JS into your site until we further explore any possible [in]security of allowing this and possible constraints that might need to be applied. Sites within the network will only be reachable through the client until the plugin/bridge is coded to access both from any client. All of these current limitations will be removed in the future releases of V3 as we make more progress following beta testing.