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A Mac Keyboard Layout for latin american keyboards
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A Mac Keyboard Layout for latin american keyboards

Latin American layout

If you prefer to use your latin american keyboard distribution with your macOS, then just copy .keylayout and .icns file into ~/Library/Keyboard\ /Layouts/ folder on your mac.

You'll probably need to log out or restart and then you may choose the Latin American layout under System Preferences... > Keyboard > Input Sources

You can type the following lines into your terminal

git clone && cd Latam-Keyboard && cp -v Latam*.* ~/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/

Then you can add as a new input source

Latin American - step 01

Latin American - step 02

Latin American - step 03

You will find two versions: (Try both and choose one that works for you)

  • Type A: Frequently used for external keyboards especially useful with Mac mini or iMac

Built into keyboard

  • Type B: Frequently used for built into keyboard in MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Built into keyboard


Feel free to contribute, adapt or improve this layout and share it with community.

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