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lifebelt is small Typescript app that can back up different databases and upload them to an SFTP server in a unified manner. The most common use case is to run as a sidecar container in a Kubernetes pod thus giving the tool its nautical name.


Lifebelt can currently only back up the following DBMS:

  • MySQL (Docker image: neoskop/lifebelt-mysql)
  • Couchbase (Docker image: neoskop/lifebelt-couchbase)
  • CouchDB (Docker image: neoskop/lifebelt-couchdb)

Pull requests for additional providers are much welcome!


To run an example container for a provider you just need to have Docker and Docker Compose installed. Subsequently run:

$ DEVELOPMENT=true ./ # This will create the necessary docker images without trying to push them
$ cd <provider-name>
$ docker-compose up


To see a detailed list of options start a container passing the -h flag:

$ docker run neoskop/lifebelt-mysql:latest -h

There are currently six different main commands that lifebelt can execute:

  1. cron: Will run nightly backups
  2. backup: Will create a backup immediately
  3. test-backup: Will create a test backup without saving it
  4. clean: Removes stale backups
  5. restore: Restores the latest daily dump
  6. providers: List all available providers

To set-up SFTP credentials and other config options, either supply them by environment variable (As seen in the docker-compose.yml files) or by config file (Via -c). To see which options are available, look at the config.ts and provider sources.


To release a new version ensure that the version was adjusted in the package.json and that a tag for this was version was created in the repository. Afterwards you just need to run

$ ./

to create and push new docker images.


  • Implement restoring
    • Couchbase
  • Implement verification
  • Add more providers
    • MongoDB
  • Add k8s examples
    • As a sidecar in a pod
    • With googlecontainer/leader-elector/ in a HA cluster
    • As a CronJob resource
  • Add warning for anomalies in sizes


This project is under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0. A copy of this license is included with the sources.