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Personal web

This repository contains the source code for a Ember-powered web app that serves as a personal website for an individual on the Web according to principles embodied by the IndieWeb community.

This app is initially intended to display data from a personal web server but can be powered by any data server conforming to the JSON API specification.

A real-world instance of this web app can be found at markmhendrickson.com.

Setting up the environment

The code requires the following environment variables to run or deploy the server. The following environment variables can be declared by adding a file named .env (in INI format) to the base directory, assuming they're not declared elsewhere in the system already. Such a file will be ignored by Git.

Optional to run ap

  • PERSONAL_WEB_API_HOST: Host address for data server conforming to JSON API specification (defaults to

Required to deploy app

  • HOIST_DEST_USER: User name with which to SSH into remote deployment server
  • HOIST_DEST_HOST: Host address for remote deployment server
  • HOIST_DEST_DIR: Remote system path to app directory on deployment server
  • PERSONAL_WEB_PRODUCTION_API_HOST: Host address for data server needed by remote deployment

Optional to deploy app

  • PERSONAL_WEB_PRODUCTION_SEGMENT_WRITE_KEY: Segment write key for remote deployment

If you intend to deploy the server to another system using scripts within the "Developing and deploying" section below, you can also create a .env-deploy file in the base directory, one that will be ignored by Git and used upon deployment to create an .env file remotely, thereby setting environment variables on the deployment server.

Expecting data from the server

The app will expect the data server to fulfill requests for the following types of data:

  • attribute: Basic attributes about the individual, namely those with IDs birthday, coverImageUrl, description, firstName, fullName, gender, about, homeLocation, imageUrl, lastName, and profession
  • checkin: Check-ins to list on homepage under "Check-ins"
  • company: Companies to list on homepage under "Companies"
  • image: Images to show in relation to posts
  • link: Links to list on homepage under "Links"
  • photo: Photos to show in relation to posts
  • post: Posts to list on homepage under "Posts" and display individually on post pages
  • redirect: Redirects to posts that previously had different IDs and therefore different URLs
  • skill: Skills to list on homepage under "Skills"

Running the app

Once the environment is ready per above, and Node.js with NPM is installed, simply execute the following commands to prepare and run the app:

  1. npm run install-all to install NPM and Bower dependencies
  2. npm run build to build the app
  3. npm start to fire app up and automatically reloads it when code changes are made

Deploying the server

Deployment scripts are available through Hoist.