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Example app

This example application demonstrates how easy it is to get started with neotypes.

It is a very simple web application that uses the Movie graph dataset to provide a search with listing, a detail view and a graph visualization.

The front-end is just jQuery and d3 and the backend is implemented in Scala using akka-http.

The Stack

These are the components of our min- Web Application:

  • Application Type: Scala-Web Application
  • Web framework: Akka-http
  • Neo4j Database Connector: neotypes
  • Database: Neo4j-Server
  • Frontend: jquery, bootstrap, d3.js


Get Movie

// JSON object for single movie with cast
curl http://localhost:8080/movie/The%20Matrix

// list of JSON objects for movie search results
curl http://localhost:8080/search?q=matrix

// JSON object for whole graph viz (nodes, links - arrays)
curl http://localhost:8080/graph

How to start

  1. Run Boot.scala
  2. Go to http://localhost:9000/index.html