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Maintaining the Neovim project

Notes on maintaining the Neovim project.

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General guidelines

  • Decide by cost-benefit
  • Write down what was decided
  • Constraints are good
  • Use automation to solve problems
  • Never break the API

Ticket Triage

In practice we haven't found a meaningful way to forecast more precisely than "next" and "after next". That means there are usually one or two (at most) planned milestones:

  • Next bugfix-release (1.0.x)
  • Next feature-release (1.x.0)

The forecasting problem might be solved with an explicit priority system (like Bram's todo.txt). Meanwhile the Neovim priority system is defined by:

  • PRs nearing completion (RDY).
  • Issue labels. E.g. the +plan label increases the ticket's priority merely for having a plan written down: it is closer to completion than tickets without a plan.
  • Comment activity or new information.

Anything that isn't in the next milestone, and doesn't have a RDY PR ... is just not something you care very much about, by construction. Post-release you can review open issues, but chances are your next milestone is already getting full :)

Release Policy

Release "often", but not "early".

The (unreleased) master branch is the "early" channel; it should not be released if it's not stable. Medium-risk changes may be merged to master if the next feature-release is not imminent.

For maintenance releases, create a release-x.y branch. If the current stable release has a major bug:

  1. Fix the bug on master.
  2. Cherry-pick the fix to release-x.y.
  3. Cut a release from release-x.y (run scripts/

See also: