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man.vim: C highlighting for EXAMPLES section #8709

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Synray authored and justinmk committed Jul 11, 2018
1 parent 9adb6ed commit 07499a842b1f06a810c074dc28ee14d8adc42b71
Showing with 13 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +13 −2 runtime/syntax/man.vim
@@ -30,17 +30,28 @@ endif
if !exists('b:man_sect')
call man#init_pager()
if b:man_sect =~# '^[23]'
if b:man_sect =~# '^[023]'
syntax case match
syntax include @c $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/c.vim
syntax match manCFuncDefinition display '\<\h\w*\>\ze\(\s\|\n\)*(' contained
syntax match manSentence display '\%(^ \{3,7}\u\|\. \u\)\_.\{-}
\ \{3,7}\a.*\%(\.\|:\)$' contained contains=manReference
syntax region manSynopsis start='^\%(
\書\)$' end='^\%(\S.*\)\=\S$' keepend contains=manSectionHeading,@c,manCFuncDefinition
\書\)$' end='^\%(\S.*\)\=\S$' keepend contains=manSentence,manSectionHeading,@c,manCFuncDefinition
highlight default link manCFuncDefinition Function
syntax region manExample start='^EXAMPLES\=$' end='^\%(\S.*\)\=\S$' keepend contains=manSentence,manSectionHeading,manSubHeading,@c,manCFuncDefinition
" XXX: groupthere doesn't seem to work
syntax sync minlines=500
"syntax sync match manSyncExample groupthere manExample '^EXAMPLES\=$'
"syntax sync match manSyncExample groupthere NONE '^\%(EXAMPLES\=\)\@!\%(\S.*\)\=\S$'
" Prevent everything else from matching the last line

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