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Question - how to make sure that the existing plugins work? #193

dtinth opened this Issue Feb 27, 2014 · 8 comments

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dtinth commented Feb 27, 2014

I believe this is an important question...

I have more than 30 Vim plugins, and I believe it's also true for many others.

It would be best if Neovim can be a drop-in replacement for Vim and work with (modern) plugins (and plugin managers, like Pathogen or Vundle) the same way as before.

So, I'd like to raise an issue: how to ensure that most plugins still work and they work well together (I am talking about the most important/popular plugin/scripts)? How do we detect incompatibilities as soon as possible to minimize the cost of fixing it?

Here's some idea:

  • have a plugin compatibility test that tests Neovim against the most popular plugins?
  • have some kind of automated system/acceptance test with heavily customized Vim configuration that contains a snapshot of most popular plugins (say, Pathogen, Fugitive, EasyMotion, Surrond, Repeat, ...) and have it run by CI each commit?

Any other ideas, plans or proposals?

Neovim member
aktau commented Feb 27, 2014

A first-level test is of course that the developers themselves usually have a lot of plugins installed (about 20 in my case), and in the interest of dogfooding, everybody should start using nvim asap. I already do it. Once we have a better test infrastructure, CI tests would be even better, of course.

Gaelan commented Feb 28, 2014

Protip for dogfooders with MacVim installed: set VIMRUNTUME to /path/to/

Shougo commented Mar 2, 2014

Yes, the compatibility is important.
The tests are useful for regression. But it is not perfect.
We must make effort like NFA Regexp engine feature.


I think this will mostly resolve itself when everyone can use neovim to develop neovim. I would think everyone developing neovim is using vim and have many useful plugins installed and configured.

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tarruda commented Apr 4, 2014

Agreed with @simendsjo and running against time to make sure we can all use neovim soon!

@tarruda tarruda closed this Apr 4, 2014
philix commented Apr 4, 2014

@simendsjo @tarruda are you guys not using nvim? I'm using it to develop neovim since day 1. :)

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tarruda commented Apr 4, 2014

@philix Great to know you are already using it. I'm not because I still depend on some python plugins. I'm hurrying to implement the python compatibility layer soon so I will be able to use it myself :)

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