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  1. Extract nvim-win32.zip (or nvim-win64.zip)
  2. Double-click nvim-qt.exe


  1. Download nvim-macos.tar.gz
  2. Extract: tar xzvf nvim-macos.tar.gz
  3. Run: ./nvim-osx64/bin/nvim

Linux (x64)

  1. Download nvim.appimage
  2. Run: chmod u+x nvim.appimage && ./nvim.appimage
    • If your system does not have FUSE you can extract the appimage:
      ./nvim.appimage --appimage-extract

Release Notes

07499a8 #8709 man.vim: C highlighting for EXAMPLES section
07f82ad #8699 TUI: urxvt: also send xterm focus-reporting seqs
40911e4 #8616 API: emit nvim_buf_lines_event from :terminal
c46997a #8546 fillchars: Add "eob" flag

74d19f6 #8576 startup: avoid blank stdin buffer if other files were opened
4874214 #8737 Only waitpid() for processes that we care about
cd6e7e8 #8743 Check all child processes for exit in SIGCHLD handler
c230ef2 #8746 channel.c: Prevent channel_destroy_early() from freeing uninitialized rpc stuff
0ed8b12 #8681 transstr_buf: fix length comparison
d241f27 #8708 TUI: Fix standout mode
9afed40 #8698 man.vim: fix for mandoc
e889640 #8682 provider/node: npm --loglevel silent
1cbc830 #8613 API: nvim_win_set_cursor: set curswant
bf6048e #8628 checkhealth: Python: fix VIRTUAL_ENV check
3cc3506 #8528 checkhealth: node.js: also search yarn

b751449 #8619 defaults: shortmess+=F
1248178 #8578 highlight: high-priority CursorLine if fg is set.
01570f1 #8726 terminal: handle &confirm and :confirm on unloading
56065bb #8721 screen: truncate showmode messages
bf2460e #7551 buffer: fix copying :setlocal options
c1c14fa #8520 Ex mode: always "improved" (gQ)
050f397 #7992 options: remove 'maxcombine` option (always 6)

463da84 #7992 screen: use UTF-8 representation

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