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Match camel-case in visualforce tags

For example, all of "apex:actionSupport" is now higlighted, rather than
just "apex:actionS".
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1 parent cd309c4 commit 4c3a7b6ecf96c8dcd790b92ea3301d40faed8c2b @cwarden cwarden committed with
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 syntax/html.vim
2 syntax/html.vim
@@ -15,4 +15,4 @@
" Language: ApexCode
" higihlight visualforce tags as html tags
-syn match htmlTagName contained "\(apex\|chatter\|flow\|ideas\|knowledge\|messaging\|site\):[a-z]\+[A-Z]*"
+syn match htmlTagName contained "\(apex\|chatter\|flow\|ideas\|knowledge\|messaging\|site\):[a-z]\+[A-Za-z]*"

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