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Uniform tilings and automata of Coxeter groups

This is a very first version of a very complicated program: draw uniform Euclidean/Spherical/Hyperbolic tilings using automata of Coxeter groups. The purpose of this project is:

  1. Render 2d tilings in svg format.
  2. Render 3d tilings in POV-Ray.

Implemented features:

  1. 2d uniform Euclidean tilings.
  2. 2d/3d uniform hyperbolic tilings in Poincare's disk/ball.


  1. snub and Catalan tilings.
  2. lots of more fancy features.
  3. a detailed doc explains the math.
  4. Escher tiling using a user input svg image.
  5. Honeycombs with ideal and hyperideal vertices.

The doc is here.

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