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Scalar Network Analyser for the LimeSDR mini
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This is a Scalar Network Analyzer program for the LimeSDR mini. The python code is based on the pyLMS7002Soapy SNA example. I optimized the original code to improve the speed and added a html/javascript based GUI to make it easier to use. For a 400-500MHz sweep with 200 data points(10 point/5MHz), the sweep time is about 17sec. The slowest part of the code currently is the tx/rx tuning(sdr.txRfFreq = xy).

Measuring a diy filter (17sec sweep)

Demo image

Measuring a dual band monopole antenna (73sec sweep)

Demo image2


How to use:

Install all the dependencies and run the code from a terminal with the following command:


After the radio is ready to use, the program starts a new web browser with the UI. Press the run button to start the frequeny sweep. For relative("calibrated") measurements wait a full sweep and then press the "Set relative" button.

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