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Releases: neperfepx/neper


15 May 10:12
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New in 4.9.0 (15 May 2024):

  • module -T: added -per 1 for -morpho cube, added -ori ks (Kurdjumov-Sachs)
    and ti_beta2alpha (titanium).
  • module -S: fixed -res* odfn.
  • module -V: added -data{elt2d,elset2d}trs, added -step final, fixed -show*
    <result_component>, added -showmeshsliceelt1d.


27 Mar 12:59
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New in 4.8.2 (27 Mar 2024):

  • module -T: added -transform "cut(cube)", added -morphooptiini ori and id,
    improved -transform "cut(cubei)", made minor fixes and improvements.
  • module -M: made minor improvements.
  • general: fixed compilation on 32-bit systems.


02 Feb 14:59
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New in 4.8.1 (02 Feb 2024):

  • general: fixed compatibility with Gmsh (version 4.12.2).
  • module -S: added -resmesh orifield,orifieldn.

v4.8.0: Add new capabilities

09 Jan 12:21
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New in 4.8.0 (09 Jan 2024):

  • module -T: fixed weibull distribution, made minor fixes.
  • module -M: changed default value of -order to 2, changed -nset default value
    to faces,edges,vertices in 3D and edges,vertices in 2D, fixed msh4 format,
    fixed meshing of -transform cut(cylinder) tessellations.
  • module -V: fixed -datanodecoofact.
  • module -S: changed simulation.config onto simulation.cfg.
  • documentation: made minor fix.
  • general: cleaned tests.


17 Nov 12:57
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New in 4.7.0 (17 Nov 2023):

  • module -T: added -ori odf, added -orisampling, improved -domain rodrigues,
    added -statcell scale and voxnb, fixed -morpho cube, fixed -transform rmsat,
    improved geo format, cleaned code, made minor fixes and improvements.
  • module -M: added -statelt vol_orispace, added -meshedge, -meshface and
    -meshpoly, made other minor improvements.
  • module -S: fixed -res... '<result>` (result overwriting), made minor
    improvements to the simulation directory.
  • general: added tutorials "Generating and Meshing a Fundamental Region of
    Orientation Space" and "Specifying Orientation Information for Tessellation
    Cells", improved installation instructions, added developer documentation,


12 Sep 15:31
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New in 4.6.1 (12 Sep 2023):

  • module -T: fixed -domain cylinder and circle, fixed tesr reading, made minor
  • module -M: fixed -elset, fixed -statelset group -elt hex, fixed -statnode
    col_stdtriangle, fixed -statelt part in 2D, added -faset for -format inp.
  • module -V: fixed -datacellcolscheme ipf for -crysym hexagonal, fixed
    -space [i]pf png output.
  • general: added tutorial "Installing Neper on Ubuntu 22", updated tests to
    pass on Ubuntu 22, made minor compilation fix.


06 Apr 11:04
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New in 4.6.0 (06 Apr 2023):

  • module -T: fixed truncated statistical distributions (from and to), improved
    -domain stdtriangle, generalized body key, added elsetbody key, removed legacy
    true key.
  • module -M: added crystal symmetry to mesh file.
  • module -S: added computation of standard deviation (or variance) and other
    statistical properties of the results of element-based entities (elset, mesh,
    etc.), added -restess odf,odfn and -restesr odf,odfn, made various fixes.
  • module -V: fixed -datacolscheme ipf to support hexagonal crystal symmetry
    (see the "Plotting an Orientation Color Key" tutorial too), added support for
    hexagonal crystal symmetry (pole figures and inverse pole figures), added
    -dataelset, -datacellweight and -dataelsetweight, added -res{cell,elt,elset}
    odf, added -pfsym uniaxial, improved -step, enabled string completion for
    options, added -space ipf, added -ipf
    options, added -[i]pfprojlabel and
    -[i]pfpolelabel options, extended -space [i]pf to mesh results, made code
    overhaul, made minor fixes.
  • general: added tutorial, improved testing (including -S), added step, gos
    and scale keys, added REAL_PRINT_FORMAT configuration variables.
  • documentation: made minor improvements.


07 Sep 19:21
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New in 4.5.0 (07 Sep 2022):

  • module -T: fixed -morpho cube, added -statcell and -statvox
    <orientation_descriptor>, added -ori :flat, added -transform ori, made minor
    fix to the objective function for tesr (does not change the result), made
    minor fixes to -statface and -statpoly, made other minor fixes.
  • module -M: added -transform node and ori, fixed -stateltco and -statelsetco,
    added -stat{elt,elset}{1d,2d} theta, fixed nsets in 2D, added -statelt and
    -statelset <orientation_descriptor>, added -statelset scaleid, added
    -statelset* elts,nodenb,nodes, made minor fix to inp output, made minor fixes
    and improvements.
  • module -S: fixed various bugs related to the initial state, revised odf and
    odfn, made minor other improvements.
  • module -V: added -datacellsymbol, -datapointsymbol, -lightambient,
    -lightsource, -lightdiffuse and -lightreflection options, added -space pf to
    plot pole figures, added -space tree to plot a simulation directory, added
    -asymptote, added -pfpole, -pfprojection, -pfmode, -pfgrid, -pfkernel,
    -pfdir, -pfclustering, -pfsym and -pfshape options, renamed -imageantialias
    into -povrayantialiasing, added :shape transformation to color maps, made
    minor fixes.
  • documentation: made minor improvements.
  • general: added tutorials to documentation, fixed FORCE_BUILTIN_*
    configuration options, made various installation improvements.


09 Mar 15:33
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New in 4.4.1 (09 Mar 2022):

  • module -T: improved -morpho lamellar to avoid unrealistically small lamellae
    (pos=optimal, reps), added -transform cubei.
  • module -M: made minor fix.
  • module -V: fixed -dataelsetcol ori, fixed tests.
  • general: improved make install.


02 Mar 19:52
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New in 4.4.0 (02 Mar 2022):

  • module -T: added -format sim for tesr, added **oridef to tesr file, removed
    *hasvoid from tesr file, made minor improvements to tesr file.
  • module -M: made minor fix.
  • module -S: fixed backward compatibility, added support of tess- or tesr-only
    simulation directories, added -rescell and -restesr, added -step, added
    -rescell gos (tesr), made minor fixes and improvements.
  • module -V: added -showcrystal and -datacrystal*, improved support of
    simulation directory, improved support of EBSD-type data (orientation +
    "indexed" fields), generalized -datarad and -datatrs to take expressions,
    renamed -simstep into -step, made minor improvements.
  • documentation: made minor fixes and improvements.
  • general: added tutorials, added and fixed tests (especially on macOS).