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Django-Meta is a pluggable Django app that allows developers to easily add meta tags and OpenGraph,
Twitter, and properties to their HTML responses.

By adding these tags to their pages, developers can improve the way their pages are displayed in search engine results and on social media platforms.


INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: as of version 2.0 django-meta has no longer supports Google+, basic support has been introduced.



Supported versions


3.2 to 4.2 (newer versions might work but are not tested yet)


Python 3.9 to 3.11

Supported Meta Tags

Django-Meta supports a wide range of meta tags, including:

  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Robots
  • Author
  • Google Analytics
  • Open Graph (OG) tags
  • Twitter Cards
  • properties

To add meta tags to your pages using Django-Meta, you can use the provided template tags or use the view-method and model-method interface to provide and handle meta information.

Basic concept

django-meta provides a view-method and model-method interface to provide and handle meta informations

For more details check documentation.

Configuration for Non-HTML Responses

By default, Django-Meta is designed to work with HTML responses.

However, it can also be configured to work with non-HTML responses, such as JSON or XML.

To do this, you can define your own meta classes and register them with the django-meta app.

Authors and Contributors

django-meta has been started by Branko Vukelic.

Current maintainer: Iacopo Spalletti

See AUTHORS file for the complete list of contributors

Apps using django-meta / extensions

See third_party_apps

Reporting bugs

Please report all bugs to our Github issue tracker.