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MoonSet - A pygame group project


MoonSet Demo


The Year is 2020. Despite our scientists best efforts to prevent the damaging effects of climate change, calamities continue to occur at a quickening pace. The sea levels are rising faster than expected and encroach upon popular coastal tourist regions. Washington D.C. initially ignores the issue. However, the billions of dollars in potential lost tax revenue grabs their attention.

In a bid to stem the rising ocean waters, the President appears on primetime television to declare war on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This causes immediate and intense backlash from the public which likes to eat seafood. Since it's an election year, the President backs down but seeks council from lobbyists to come up with a game plan.

The lobbyists blame the moon since the oceans are tied to the lunar gravitational pull. The President deems the moon a threat to America's national security. The newly created Space Force's first mission is to eliminate this threat. Thus, OPERATION MOONSET is born.

The rest of the world has mobilized to try and stop this crazy plan but it's up to you to protect America.

Go and destroy the moon!

Date: 9/6/19 - 9/11/19


Our assignment was to get in a group of three students total and build a game using the pygame library. We had fun with it.

Our team:


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