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An online forum for coding bootcamp students to share learning resources and prospective employers to post their job listings and connect with students.


A community of coding bootcamp students and employers looking to hire new developers. Bootcamper students can share learning resources with each other and apply to job posts. Company representatives can list their job opprtunities here and connect with bootcampers.


There are many online resources to learn coding and find job listings, but none tailored specifically for coding bootcamp students and employers looking to hire them. With the rising popularity of coding bootcamps, we wanted to create a centralized space where bootcamp students can share learning resources that helped them learn. Employers looking to hire new software engineers will find a community of eager and motivated developers here as well.

Challenges and Solutions


Technology used

Built with

  • React: Javascript library used to build the frontend client of the application. Primarily built with functional components and react hooks.

  • Express and Node.js: Framework used to build the backend server of the application. Models and routes serve as an API for the client.

  • PostgreSQL: SQL databases used for all data storage in the application. SQL quereis are used in the models for all CRUD operations. Tables in the DB store user info, resource posts, job listings, applications, messages,and reports.

  • React-Router: Navigational components used for all page routing throughout the website.

  • Redux: Application state manager used to store the user data of logged in users and pass it to components throughout the application.

  • Passport.js: Middleware used for user login authentication.

  • Bulma/Bloomer: CSS framework used to style many components in the application.

  • Styled-components: React component styling used to create custom unified styling throughout the application.


  • Three different user roles (student, company, admin) with unique functionality and views for each.

  • User account creation and logins with user authentication.

  • Personal user and company profile pages to share user and contact information

  • Board of learning resource posts and job listings with full create, read, update, and delete actions available.

  • Bootcampers can apply to job listings. Company users can review applicants' qualifications and reject or accept them to go forward in the hiring process.

  • User messaging and reporting system. Users can send and reply to messages from other users. Regular users can report issues to be resolved by admin users.

Code Example


Clone or download the repository to your local machine. Install node modules with "npm install" in client and server folders. Run a development environment with the follow scripts:

  • Client folder: "npm run start"
  • Server folder: "npm run dev"
  • Create/reset database with schema and seed data: "npm run db:reset"


How to use?


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