Ready to use Career Module for Your Yii Based Website or Web application
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Career Module for Your Yii 1.1 Based Website or Web application

Ready to use Career Module for Your Yii Based Website or Web application

This career module is ready to use career page for your yii based website.

Following are the list of features

Login As Admin

Login As Admin

Create Job Descriptions or Opportunities

Create Job Opportunities / Job Descriptions

These Opportunities can be viewed by Guest Users without login.

Job Description list

Candidates can apply for these opportunities

Candidates Apply Screen

Admin can Manage Job Descriptions Created

Manage Job Descriptions

Admin would be able to view list of candidates applied for a particular job position.

View Job Applicants

The database schema can be found inside sql folder :xyz_career.sql

This code is under GNU GPL V2 license. Feel free to use this in your Yii Based website.

To Start Using Follow the instructions below

  1. Create the relevant schema from sql\xyz_career.sql

  2. Copy JobApplicationController.php and JobDescriptionController.php in the controller folder

  3. Copy JobApplication.php and JobDescription.php in the model folder

  4. Copy jobApplication, jobDescription folder, present in the view folder inside views folder

  5. Make sure you have a empty folder user_uploads just app root folder, this is where the resumes are uploaded.