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Tools, helpers and everything else that helps you work with Neptune.
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See neptune-contrib documentation site


Get prerequisites

  • python versions 3.5.6/3.6 are supported

Install lib

pip install neptune-contrib

Install additional packages depending on which submodule you want to use. For example:

pip install neptune-contrib[monitoring]

Installation options are: [bots], [hpo], [monitoring], [versioning], [viz] and [all].

Getting help

If you get stuck, don't worry we are here to help. The best order of communication is:


If you see something that you don't like you are more than welcome to contribute! There are many options:

  • Participate in discussions on neptune community forum or neptune community Spectrum
  • Submit a feature request or a bug here, on Github
  • Submit a pull request that deals with an open feature-request or bug
  • Spread a word about neptune-contrib in your community
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