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A runbook is a list of diagnostic or remediation steps for an on-call engineer to execute to resolve an IT alert.

Explore different categories of alerts under "runbooks" directory above.

host-level-alerts application-alerts db-alerts network-alerts

If you have interesting alert use-cases and runbooks, please send in a pull request

Sample Use cases

  • When process is hung, take a thread-dump and restart process
  • When memory utilization exceeds 95%,capture process-level diagnostics
  • When disk utilization reaches 85%, archive log files
  • When an alert comes, send a set of runbook steps to the on-call engineer
  • When EC2 instance is idle for 2 hrs, stop the instance to save costs

How to use

  1. Sign up with

  2. While creating a rule, click the dropdown list in the runbook section. Search for a runbook using keywords (e.g : disk, memory etc.). You can select a runbook and then edit it to customize it your environment.

  3. Please contact for any suggestions or thoughts.