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This repository contains various framework/reusable libraries. From mscorlib extensions through file system abstractions, logging and localization to facades for validation, command and query handling.

The list below shows most of them, those with name in parenthesis are placed in separate projects, the others are in the project Neptuo (the name in the parentheses means nuget/assembly name).

And some proposals for the future.


Main assembly used in all projects is Neptuo.dll. This assembly is designed as common extensions to mscorlib and contains reusable multi-purpose contracts and implementations. The only reference is to System.Core and never any other reference will be added. So adding this assembly to a project doesn't trigger adding any other dependencies.

When feature library is designed, contracts and 'default' implementations, those that doesn't required any other dependencies than System.Core and dependencies required by the contracts, are always places inside main assembly. Any other implementations are placed into 'implementation specific' libraries. For e.g.:

  • IDependencyProvider contract is placed inside Neptuo, but Unity implementation, which required Unity nuget package, is placed in Neptuo.Activators.Unity.
  • Commands contracts are places inside Neptuo.Commands with 'default' and dependency (container) implementations, but HTTP based implementations are placed inside Neptuo.Commands.Http.

Compilation to javascript

Most of the projects are also compiled to javascript using SharpKit. This compilation is modified by SharpKit.UnobtrusiveFeatures and

This way, we can shared most utils between server and client development. Non of the projects references SharpKit libraries, so only smooth integration is done. Compilation is realized by Exugin XML configuration placed in project root.

Javascript files will be released in separate nuget package with suffix js, for e.g.: Neptuo.Validators.js.

Extends project by exporting assemblies, pdbs, xmldoc, javascripts and nuget packages to folder artifacts in repository root. Also by defining 'compilation constant' named 'Javascript' enables exporting library to javascript.

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