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= MediaWiki::Gateway
A Ruby framework for MediaWiki API manipulation. Features out of the box:
* Simple, elegant syntax for common operations
* Handles login, edit, move etc tokens for you
* List, search operations work around API limits to fetch all results
* Support for maxlag detection and automated retries on 503
* Integrated logging
* Tested up to MediaWiki 1.16
== Example
Simple page creation script:
require 'media_wiki'
mw ='http://my-wiki.example/w/api.php')
mw.login('RubyBot', 'pa$$w0rd')
mw.create('PageTitle', 'Hello world!', :summary => 'My first page')
== Credits
Maintained by Jani Patokallio.
Thanks to:
* John Carney, Mike Williams, Daniel Heath and the rest of the Lonely Planet Atlas team.
* Github users arturaz, carpodaster, muffinista and singlebrook for code contributions
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