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Author: Eric Bridger
Date:   Mar. 2012
Version: 2.0
Replaces: Version 1.0 Hosted at OOSTethys
A javascript only OGC SOS GetCapabilities and GetObservation XML response parsers.
There is only one modules: jquery.parseSOSGetObs.js which requires the jQuery javascript library
E.g. <sos:Capabilities>

These are aimed at the SOS servers being developed by the NOAA / IOOS program
There is support for the new 2012 IOOS SOS CDM Discrete Observation Profiles, based on SOS1/.0 and SWE10.
It also maintains support for OOSTethys SWE1.0 type responses.
See the latest version of the official templates at:

Documenentation files and examples are included.
Open test.html in browser to get started.
Examples of the new SOS Profile xml files are also included in the xml subdir.
Note: test.html must be installed on a web server in order to load the xml examples,
due to Javascript / AJAX restrictions on client access to the local file system.

Requirements:  jQuery 1.7.1
jQuery 1.7 dropped support for find("[nodeName='xxx:element_name']") so a new plugin function was defined.
XML processing performance was greatly enhanced.
For more details see:

Note: a server proxy is required to access cross domain SOS servers.

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