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Shearling Boots

Warm and fluffy boots for Bootstrap 4

This project aims to enhance the usage of Bootstrap 4.


Include the files as follows:

@import 'node_modules/shearling-boots/src/scss/before-bootstrap';

// Include Bootstrap 4
@import 'node_modules/bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';

@import 'node_modules/shearling-boots/src/scss/after-bootstrap';

// ...the rest of your scss

Functions without prefix

The functions in this package have a deliberate prefix, to prevent conflicts. If for some reason you prefer font-size() over sb-font-size() for instance, you can include the no-prefix file.

To make sure the functions are not being replaced, include this after all vendor includes.

@import '~shearling-boots/src/scss/functions-no-prefix';

Please note that the internal function sb-map-get() and mixin sb-generator() are left untouched.

If you would like to use some, but not all functions without a prefix, you can always do this manually, this is how functions-no-prefix does it:

@function something($param1, $param2) {
  @return sb-something($param1, $param2);

What it does

Generating CSS classes

Bootstrap 4 creates classes like 'mb-lg-5' for margin and 'font-italic' for fonts. This package adds additional CSS classes, here is the list:

  • .color-{name}
    • Also .color-{name}--{variant} for sub-maps
  • .bg-color-{name}
    • Also .bg-color-{name}--{variant} for sub-maps
  • .font-family-{name}
  • .font-size-{size}
  • .font-weight-{weight}
  • .line-height-{height}
  • .bw-{width}, .bwt-{width}, .bwb-{width}, .bwl-{width}, .bwr-{width}: this is like Bootstrap's .m-2 and .ml-2, but for border-widths.
  • .z-index-{index}
  • .nm-2, .nm-md-5 and so on: negative margin, just like the usual margin and padding classes.
  • .t-2, .r-md-5 and so on: for positioning (top, right, bottom, left), just like the usual margin and padding classes.

About the color variant classes: if you have a color that is a map, like the blue color here:

$__colors: (
    'red' => #F00,
    'blue': (
        'base'  => #00C,
        'light' => #00F,
        'dark'  => #005,

It will generate the below CSS. Note that base is used as the default, non-variant.

.color-red         { color: #F00; }
.color-blue        { color: #00C; }
.color-blue--light { color: #00F; }
.color-blue--dark  { color: #005; }

The values in _settings.scss decide if an !important rule is added, so the above would look like this

.color-blue--light { color: #00F !important; }

Making variable access easier

Instead of having 10 color variables, they are now placed in a map, and accessible with color('name'), with the same value as in the generated CSS class. So define it once, use it consistently in different places. Here is the list of functions:

  • sb-setting($category, $setting)
  • sb-breakpoint($breakpoint)
  • sb-container-width($breakpoint)
  • sb-font-family($name)
  • sb-font-size($size)
  • sb-font-weight($weight)
  • sb-line-height($height)
  • sb-border-radius($size)
  • sb-border-width($width)
  • sb-color($name, $variant: 'base')

Of course, if you have included _functions-no-prefix.scss, the same functions, but without the 'sb-' prefix are also added.

Adding some generally useful CSS

Currently only a small accessibility stylesheet is added, but my intention is to expand this.


This project is released under the The Unlicense, which means it's placed in the public domain.

If you fork or distribute this project, or do anything else where giving credit seems appropriate, I would appreciate it if you'd credit me, but it's not required.


Warm and fluffy boots for Bootstrap 4







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