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Python Application

This Python image is a very thin wrapper around the default Python image ( The wrapping is done to make it work with the Nerd CLI. For a step-by-step guide on how to use this image with the Nerd CLI, see

How does it work?

Both images take the respective official Python image as a base. To support both Python2 and Python3 we created two images. The image names are:

  • nerdalize/pythonapp:v2
  • nerdalize/pythonapp:v3

Upon execution the container will do a pip install if it finds the file /input/requirements.txt (note that /input is the folder that contains the contents of the input dataset).

It will then run the Python script in /input that was given as an argument via nerd task create (e.g. nerd task create <workload-id> -- will run /input/

Any files written to the folder /output can as usual be downloaded after execution using nerd dataset download <output-id>.