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nerdfiles as Wept Without Wit, a social music project.
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A September Before the Winter (mp3)
A September Before the Winter
Album Archive
Death Rites (original)
Tandem Brew
Wept Without Wit - Death Rites (2010, ~240VBR)
00120110701044549_Black Bones.caf
A Toot for Two (And The Inappropriate Compunctions And Vacillations Which Follow In Saying Goodbye).aup
A Toot for Two (And The Inappropriate Compunctions When Saying Goodbay).aup
A Weedy Florilegium.mp3
Black Bones 128.mp3
Black Bones.aup
Black Bones.mp3
Freckl'd nose & prickly rose.mp3
Heckle Blues.aup
Holy Today.aup
Languages cover.png
Rough Draft Cover.jpg
Some Forgotten June.mp3
Song 1.aup
Song 2.aup
Song 3.aup
The Afternoon (Cover).aup
The Afternoon (Cover).mp3
The Spectre of Worth.mp3
The Terminal Haircuts of Silouhettes.mp3


nerdfiles on various acoustic and electric guitars, harmonicas and possibly other instruments.

A Query

These are explorations into the externalization of a supposed homogeneous organization of pheNOMonological, or being candid: pre-ontological experience, should the neologism be so repugnant to the mind. Supposing experience is intentionally structured, what might categorically dissimilar experiences, such as the linguistic experience and the physical experience; allowing that one perceives their vacuity in canonicalization. Bankruptcy follows at assuming the logical equivalence of the world as a totality of parts and language as a totality of canonical forms; where each presupposes a prior lexical representation. In that, to ask questions within such a supposed organization of experience, intentionally structured, what would its reverberation sound like?

A Response

It is not enough to say "self-taught"; these are sonic transliterations of self to public, undergone seemingly tragic loss and the bankruptcy of post-analytic reasoning. I have no interest in the guitar as a philosophical, paradigmatic project, with its normative claims, language games, and 138 different nail shapes.


  1. Death Rites (October 2010)

    Fancy a poem?:

    When the world grew intolerant of those
    Who took to drink with the faint’st need for occasion,
    We and they return’d to our quarters and consummat’d
    Our wills through the pleasures of intoxicat’d introspection
    Under pallid shadow and the dimly bell

    A list:

    2.18 Hatred Hallows the Marching Meek
    2.04 Fickle Child (Come On) Home
    1.01 Rustling Mammoths Know, Saints Tow
    1.03 Trees Become Tombstones for Themselves 
    1.43 Him Who Loved Us in the Home Found Lost
    2.28 Dishevel'd Procession
    0.33 Sympathetic Symptomatic

  2. The Matters of Matter

    A poem:

    The serendipitous, sporadic holidays 
    Which teach nothing less than the beauty 
    Of nothingness, 
    And the lies which bind it so warmly.

    A list:

    1.41 Some Forgotten June
    1.18 The Spectre of Worth

  3. With Reflections Comes the Rent

    A poem:

    Hearts of nebulae must pay rent too; 
    but they shall dance; 
    they shall.

    A list:

    1.18 Weaving Wierd
    1.29 Heart of the Orion Nebula

  4. Languages

    A statement, but never a manifesto:

    We author the structures of science fiction;
    and We author nothing else.

    A list:

    1.49 Freckl'd nose & the prickly rose 
    1.45 A Weedy Florilegium

  5. "Rough Draft"

    The intersections and recapitulations of death and the romantic.

    A list:

    4.01 Black Bones 
    1.41 The Terminal Haircuts of Silouhettes
  6. A September Before the Winter (October 2011)

    An album inspired by:

    unforgivable obduracy, 
    the failure in human-projects, 
    and John Cusack’s deep, middle-class eyes.

    A list:

    1.27 Sutures to Laughter
    1.12 Memorable Rememberers (Kafke Version. Fuck you, Max Richter — O what rooms Mothers must clean.)
    1.12 Memorable Rememberers
    1.26 The Afternoon (Touched)
    3.05 Failing Faster (All These Rotten Teeth, the Eternal Recurrence of Bereavement and the Night Terrors)
    1.18 The Dance
    3.13 Unattractive People Can Dance Too
    2.00 That such is possible.
    1.12 A Toot for Two (And The Inappropriate Compunctions And Vacillations Which Follow In Saying Goodbye)



  1. Oscar Schmidt OE30
  2. Takemine GS330S
  3. Baby Taylor
  4. Alvarez 12-string (departed)
  5. Golden Melody harmonicas
  6. Special 20 harmonicas

Recording equipment

  1. Macbook Pro,
  2. Audacity,
  3. messy bedroom, and
  4. a Crate amp found in a closet.

(Note: Try not to play at full volume. Eesh. I'm monitoring through Grados, so maybe you get it.)




It’s not a logo. It’s a stolen crop of one of the feline angels in GY!BE’s “hammers of hope” illustration. I’m appropriating it as I believe there is a strong harmony in meaning between what the angels represent and that these sounds are hopes to expression.

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