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simpleWET is an extremely simple client interface for WebEx Teams intended to be used by automations that want to post notifications to a room but not deal with the intricacies of the REST API directly.


Before using this client, visit the WebEx Teams API Getting Started page, login, and obtain a Bearer token. Then set it as an environment variable WET_TOKEN using something like the following:

export WET_TOKEN=<your bearer token>

simpleWET contains four methods:

  • listRooms() - Returns a JSON list of rooms, including the pagination potentially required of multiple REST API calls.
  • findRoom(string, threshold) - Calls listRooms() and then uses fuzzywuzzy's token_sort_ratio() to find potential title matches given the passed in string, returning an ordered list for any that score above threshold.
  • createRoom(title) - Creates a new room named title.
  • createMessage(roomId, text) - Writes text to the room whose ID is roomId.

Using the sample is simple and demonstrated in

import simpleWET
import json

# Call listRooms, print them out, and print out a count
rooms = simpleWET.listRooms()
print(json.dumps(rooms, indent=4))
print('Number: ' + str(len(rooms)))

# Call findRooms, print out the results
results = simpleWET.findRoom('containers', 70)
print(json.dumps(results, indent=4))

# Create a room
room = simpleWET.createRoom('Test simpleWET room')
print(json.dumps(room, indent=4))

# Write a message to the new room
message = simpleWET.createMessage(room["id"], 'The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog')
print(json.dumps(message, indent=4))
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