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Remove tiny errors note.

node-tiny has been renamed to tiny in the npm registry, which was
causing the error referred to here. This has been fixed. See #2.
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@@ -10,19 +10,6 @@ Copy the config file config.json.default to config.json and edit as appropriate.
Now run:
node server.js
-## Tiny Module Errors
-If you see this:
-"You're seeing this error because you used npm to install tiny.
-Tiny has been renamed in the npm registry to "tiny" instead of "node-tiny".
-Please use `npm install tiny` to update your package."
-Then go to the node_modules directory and delete the node_tiny directory. Back in the root directory, do:
- npm install tiny
-Then edit nerdie_interface.js changing node_tiny into tiny as well.
# Usage
There are no usage instructions. The following regular expressions are registered with nerdie by default:
Registered pattern: /what is best in life/i

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