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I made this app using Pygame for fun to explore the visual-meets-code aspect of Pygame and program an AI for my first time. Honestly I just wanted to relive my favorite childhood game and play with it for fun. I used Python 2.7.3.

####To start the app: python

The app allows you to play a two-player game or a game against the computer; the computer option has easy, medium, or hard levels. These levels are as follows:

  • Easy: A random column is chosen by the computer
  • Medium/Hard: A column is chosen by the computer based on a minimax algorithm; to conserve time, the algorithm is limited by depth. The depth limit is 3 for medium and 5 for hard.

####The playing screens look like the following: General Game:

General Game

Intro Screen:

Intro Screen

Computer Level Selection:

Computer Level

Winning Against Computer:

Win on Computer

General Two-Player Game:

General Game