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Import your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music
Objective-C Swift Ruby
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Spotify to  Music Converter

Import your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music!

Cool! How do I use this though?

Okay, now to be honest I built this for myself, so it's not very user-friendly. For those willing to take the effort, here's a tutorial on how to use this:

1. Get a Mac, this won't run on Windows 2. Download Xcode and open it once to install all it's shit stuff 3. Shoot up a Terminal (⌘+Space → Terminal) 4. Clone this repo to your Desktop (or somewhere you like) by typing cd ~/Desktop; git clone; cd spotify2applemusic and hitting enter 5. Now we need to get your Spotify List converted. Go to Exportify, log in, select your playlist and copy ALL the text on screen 6. Now create a new file called spotify.csv and paste in the stuff you just copied. You can do this anyway you like, I prefer the terminal: touch spotify.csv; nano spotify.csv* paste ** ctrl+x ** y * 7. Okay now it gets tricky, we need python 3 for the next step, so go ahead and install that if you haven't got it on your machine 8. Done? Cool, back in the terminal type python3 and wait until it returns you to the $, you should now have a file called itunes.csv in your directory. This script is from simonschellaert. 9. Now you can open up the Xcode project, connect your phone, select your developer account for signing and hit Run. 10. This will install the app onto your phone, press the humongous "GO" button to add the songs to your playlist 11. ??? 12. Profit

Ok, I made this one a bit simpler. Now you just run the app on your device. Authenticate with spotify and your entire library will be exported. No .csv files

I will probably add some capability of importing specifi playlists instead of everything. But this works for now ;)

But why?

Some people like me wanted to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, but didn't want to lose all their playlists, so here ya go

Can I use that?

I don't know if you can, but you may, this project is licensed MIT, so you can even redistribute it, as long as you mention me somehow.

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